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What is allows you to create free instant chats. They run on any recent browser and can be created and used on the fly without registration or installation. Simply give the chat URL (e.g. to your friends, and they can join immediately.

I have Skype / ICQ / MSN / AOL – why would I need requires neither registration nor installation. It's web-based and supports multi-way chatting among a virtually unlimited number of users – and none of these need to install a special messaging software. Simply enter the chat URL and get started! (→ benefits)

How do I create a chat?

Go to the home page, choose a custom name for your chat (or accept the suggestion), and click on "Create Chat". Done!

How do I invite others to the chat?

Just give them the chat's URL, e.g. This will send them directly to the chat.

How many people can participate in the chat?

There is virtually no limit. Chat with 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 100 people. inherently supports trouble-free multi-way chatting. This is one of its strong points in comparison with most instant messengers.

What is the difference between "xy leaves" and "xy has left"?

When a user logs out of the chat room by clicking the Quit button, the system immediately takes note of this and informs the remaining users by a "xy leaves" message. However, some users refrain from logging out and simply close their browser window or change to another site. The system does not realize this immediately. Only after a user has been "away" for a considerable time (about two minutes), the system assumes they do not want to take part in the chat anymore, automatically logs them out, and informs the other users by a "xy has left" message. Thus it is reasonable to always log out actively by clicking the Quit button. For the others will take note of it promptly and not just after a few minutes.

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