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When using, you will not be asked for any information other than a self-chosen nickname. is an instant chat service that does not administer user accounts. Its use is anonymous.

However, when you post a chat message, this chat message will be stored in combination with the current timestamp and your IP address. The latter will not be published but may be passed to law enforcement authorities on reasonable request. Additionally, session cookies are used to distinguish one user from another during the session (not afterwards).

Messages disappear from a chat 24 hours after being posted. For security reasons, all messages are stored on the server for a period of up to six months without being publicly readable.

Please keep in mind that without password protection enabled, anyone who knows (or guesses) a chat URL is able to read and participate in the conversation, hence there is no real privacy on that score. If you intend to have a strictly confidential discussion, then is probably not the right place for you.

Due to technical arrangements it is very unlikely (though not entirely impossible) that chat contents are indexed by search engines.

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